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American Fire Equipment Co. was formed to provide innovative life saving tools for the fire service industry. Our tools and equipment are designed and developed for firefighters, by firefighters.

This gives us a unique insight and ability to know firsthand what the firefighter is facing on a daily basis, and what tools would equip the firefighter in doing his or her job more safely, effectively, and efficiently.

Many applications include :

  • Room and contents fires

  • Attic fires

  • Basement fires

  • Closed spaces, that are difficult to access

  • Trailer fires

  • Vehicle fires

  • Multiple types of residential fires

  • Multiple types of commercial fires


Benefits of the A360

  • Greatly improves firefighter safety by providing a very effective suppression, from an exterior position

  • Can prevent unnecessary fire condition and heat exposure, and can also greatly reduce particulate and carcinogen exposure to the firefighter

  • Reduces manpower needs in many cases

  • Simple to deploy and operate

  • No moving parts

  • At a flow rate of up to 200 GPM, coupled with extremely efficient atomization, the A360 and  360S produce high water surface area for rapid heat absorption

  • Rapid fire compartment temperature reduction, making possible occupant environment more survivable

  • Rescue operations can initiate more quickly

  • Time from initial suppression to overhaul can be greatly reduced

  • Can extend the life of PPE , due to reduced overall wear and exposure